Mailing lists

The systems host a large number of mailing lists – we offer mailing list facilities to any group using our services. The lists we currently host are shown on our Mailman site. Alternatively, if you are looking for a mailing list for a group in a specific area, the LUG listings has details of mailing lists.

If you are an organisation (business or otherwise) that has information that you wish to pass on to the user groups, please use this form in the first instance. This email will be forwarded to the LUGmasters, who can then pass it on to their mailing lists. Joining many lists at once and sending the same or similar mails to them all will certainly be spotted and usually discussed, unfavourably, by the LUGmasters. It is likely to make you unpopular.

A very few lists are worth mentioning here by name:

LUGMaster A closed list available to anyone involved in running a free/open source software group in the UK.
LinuxJobs A list for advertising jobs – particularly with reference to skills with free and open source software.